The POA Pack by POA Labs - The Ultimate Accessory for your GoPro Hero4

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Introducing the POA Pack

The POA Pack is the first GoPro expansion pack to add three new functions to your GoPro Hero4, giving you new ways to shoot photos and capture the action.

  • Remote Shutter Button Input. Save time by only shooting the photos you want, not the ones you don't. Choose from a hands-free mouth switch or thumb triggered bar mount, or use your own switch!
    • Remote LED Indicator lets you know that your camera is on and recording. The bendable indicator can be mounted in your helmet or wrapped around your handlebars. We use high power LED's that are bright enough to see, even outside in direct sunlight.
      • Auxiliary USB Power Input for extended shooting. Plug int and never run out of power again.



      Easy To Use - Just plug in and shoot!

       The POA Pack mimics the camera's operation while providing useful visual feedback through the remote LED system.

      • A blue standby LED will illuminate when the camera is turned on, letting you know you're ready to shoot. The blue LED will flash when your battery is getting low.
      • In Video mode, the LED indicator will work whether you use a remote shutter button or the camera shutter. A slow flashing red LED let's you know you're recording.
      • In Continuous photo mode, hold down the remote shutter button to take a fast sequence of photos. The LED indicator will flash red accordingly as long as you're shooting. In Burst photo mode, a single press of the remote shutter button will take a quick burst of photos.

      What The Pros Are Saying 

      "It's bad ass - way better than everything else - and makes the GoPro more usable in an action environment. It's the accessory that GoPro's have needed since they came out."

      -Dave Thorp, cofounder @ Pacific Northwest Skydiving, 9,000 camera jumps


      “I like using my GoPro for photos. I hate scrolling through 500 of them to choose the two I want. This totally solves that – it makes the camera more fun to use and is far more efficient.”

      -Matt Gerdes, Founder/Designer/Test Pilot @ Squirrel Wingsuits

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